Jedrzejek Joins Stellar Novelis Supermodified Field at Oswego

Timmy J. to Pilot Mike Murphy Owned Hawk Chassis; Seeks First Non-Wing Victory

OSWEGO, NY (Feb. 7, 2013) – Mike Murphy Racing announced on Wednesday that it has tabbed 2012 ISMA SuperNationals champion Tim Jedrzejek as the pilot of the number 60 Hawk Supermodified chassis at Oswego (NY) Speedway in 2013.

Timmy J. candid by Rich Lesiecki
Tim Jedrzejek will pilot the Mike Murphy 60 at Oswego Speedway part time in 2013. Photo by Richard Lesiecki

Jedrzejek, a five time Midwestern Supermodified Association champion and two-time winner of the Sandusky (OH) Speedway Hy-Miler Nationals, will make his debut for Murphy Racing at Oswego Speedway’s non-wing opener on Saturday, May 11.

“I’m excited to have Tim on board and know that he will be a great addition to the Speedway,” said 2012 Oswego Speedway Supermodified Car Owner of the Year, Mike Murphy.  “We look forward to running Tim as much as his schedule permits, as he will remain as the driver of the Danny Soule Racing No. 32 Supermodified on the ISMA circuit.”

In 2012, Jedrzejek competed full-time on the ISMA tour as the driver of the heralded Soule No. 32.  By seasons end Jedrzejek claimed three feature victories, including his second consecutive Sandusky (OH) Speedway Hy-Miler Nationals and his third career win in the winged SuperNationals at Oswego.

A native of Independence, OH, Jedrzejek’s recent success with ISMA is nothing new.  “Timmy J” as his fans know him, has been a marked shoe on the winged Supermodified circuit since his first MSA championship and SuperNationals win in 2002.  While winged racing has been the hallmark of Jedrzejek’s career, Oswego’s non-wing brand has always had an allure to it, and that first brought Jedrzejek to Oswego’s International Classic in 2000 driving the Joe Witkum No. 85.

“Oswego has long been a favorite of mine,” said Jedrzejek.  “It always means something to race at Oswego, and I really do enjoy running the non-wing cars.  We have had some good runs at it over the years.”

After the first stint in the Witkum roadster, which saw Jedrzejek fail to qualify for the 2000 International Classic, Timmy J found the seat of the Kovacs owned No. 71 machine in 2001.  After qualifying in the front ten positions and bringing the No. 71 home seventh overall, Jedrzejek would become a household name at Oswego.

In the years since Jedrzejek has rolled together a total of seven International Classic starts, with a best finish of sixth in 2009.  Long known as an ‘out of town’ favorite, who usually only shows up at Oswego for Classic contention, Jedrzejek will now compete at the ‘Steel Palace’ on a regular basis for the first time in his career.

“We looked long and hard at the schedule and the way it worked out between Oswego and ISMA, it became really effective for me to do both schedules,” said Jedrzejek.  “There are only two direct conflicts on the schedule and all the big 75-lap events are open for us to run.  We’ll be there as many times as the schedule allows to get time in before Classic Weekend.”

Many would look at Jedrzejek’s overall schedule, which includes three separate trips to Oswego for ISMA only events, and shake their head.  Jedrzejek however looks at the added time down the New York State Thruway as a tremendous opportunity.

Timmy J. at Sandusky Speedway 2012
Jedrzejek took the Soule 32 to second place in ISMA driver standings in 2012.

“To win at Oswego in a non-wing car has always been a goal of mine,” said Jedrzejek.  “You have to be on your game when you race at Oswego, so when you add in the equipment that Mike Murphy is able to give me; it is something you cannot pass up on.  The performance of the team is there and I think when you add in the overall help we will receive from the Soule’s, the teams will really work well together.  I’m very excited because I can go to Oswego and feel like we really are capable of reaching victory lane.”

With four ISMA Supermodified events at Oswego previously booked behind the wheel of the Soule No. 32 and now a host of Novelis Supermodified races in the Murphy No. 60, Jedrzejek is set to make Oswego, NY his home away from home.

“It really brought a smile to my face to see the schedules for this year,” said Jedrzejek.  “Like I said, I always enjoy coming to Oswego and the five hour drive really isn’t that bad compared to some of the eleven hour trips we have to do.  I can’t thank Mike Murphy enough for helping to make this happen and giving me the opportunity to drive for him.  I’ll be doing my very best to wheel that car to the front.”
About Oswego Speedway: Oswego Speedway, a sports entertainment company, is a 5/8 mile semi-banked pavement racing oval located off the shores of Lake Ontario in scenic Oswego, NY. Oswego Speedway has been a continuously run weekly racing venue since August, 1951. The premier open-wheel pavement short track cars in the world, Supermodifieds, run weekly at Oswego Speedway making Oswego the only weekly Supermodified racing venue in the world. The Small Block Supermodifieds accompany the full-blown Supers on a weekly Saturday night schedule which runs from May through September. Oswego Speedway is mentioned in racing circles as the “Indy of the East,” as no fewer than a dozen past and present competitors have competed at the famed Indianapolis Motor Speedway including Mario Andretti, arguably the greatest driver of all time, two-time Indy 500 champion Gordon Johncock, along with former International Classic Champions Bentley Warren, Joe Gosek, and Davey Hamilton.


Winter’s Ambition…and mine too.

From one of my new favorite websites-Patrons of the Pit. Click it to read it.

Winter’s Ambition…and mine too..

The whole quick blog got me to thinking about a few things…ok maybe just a couple, since the brain is not fully engaged with the typing fingers yet.

First of all, it reminds me that it’s never too cold, too crappy, too hard, to enjoy the thrill of the grill and use it to enjoy some good times with friends and family.

Secondly, It makes me think of all of my wonderful friends on the east coast and in NY. I am particularly amazed at their resilience and lack of complaining in the face of mother nature. To be certain they are a different breed and one tough bunch. They press on against the odds and seem to always take it in stride.

Having been in Indiana now since November, I haven’t seen too much snow, and that we have been graced with, is nothing to what I’m used to in Upstate New York. Frankly, it’s rather comical when the local news channels flip the drama switch and start using shock jock reporting to make a story about a potential for 2-4 inches.

It’s been a short winter so far and my winter’s ambition has simply been to work harder to find my place within the supermodified community. Most of that ambition, and subsequently all of the work, has been directed at learning new methods and practices for social media and marketing.  It’s not always been easy, but ambition to move forward and help a particular sanctioning body is a very strong force. Continue reading Winter’s Ambition…and mine too.

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With the main, self-hosted site still down, we have gone back to working on the hosted site. This site will be very lean and mean, focusing just on news and as a place to host Wailing with Wing Side Up. There are still no answers as to why the site went down, but it seems to point to an update meaning that it doesn’t seem to be an issue with the server nor do we believe it was hacked, although the later is still not ruled out.

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