#ThrowbackThursday 1994 Oswego Speedway International Classic 200 Audio-Full Race

While digging through some old cassette tapes and just doing some general cleaning up, we came across this recording of the 1994 Oswego Speedway International Classic 200.

Recorded on a hand-held voice recorder from the front stretch of the grandstands, there’s some over modulation and it’s generally not a great audio file, at least for today’s standards, but it’s still fun to hear the names from the 90s and the roar of the cars.

Plus, it was fed from a Marantz board to a Windows XP computer using Windows Recorder. Hey, we just wanted to get it saved before the tape rots away lol.

There’s a little intro before pushing play, (and record), so it kind of brings you up to speed on what goes on during the recording. There’s also plenty of slightly “off-mic” comments that gives you an idea that we were drinkin’ beer and being supermodified fans.

We’d love to hear your comments on this post and this audio recording, especially if you were there or a part of the race, so put them down below!



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