38th Annual Hy-Miler Supermodified Nationals poster

Many Racecars Expected for Hy-Miler Supermodified Nationals

Hy-Miler Nationals Weekend is Huge Three Day Sandusky Speedway Event

(SANDUSKY, OH, July 3rd, 2015)- The calendar continues to approach the date of the Hy-Miler Supermodified Nationals.  This highly anticipated event is just a week away and will feature three touring groups as the Sandusky Speedway hosts the International Supermodified Association, the non-wing Buckeye Super Sprint Series and the Northcoast Vintage Oval Racers during a three-day event scheduled to take place July 23rd, 24th and 25th!

First, the ever popular O’Reilly Auto Parts Fan Appreciation Night will feature the Buckeye Super Sprint Series as its headliner division on Thursday the 23rd.  This series saw a radical change in the off-season, going from a restrictive winged series to a non-wing series with less restrictive motor rules.  Joe Speakman holds the point lead by a healthy margin after winning the series’ first two events.  However, Donavan Daniels won the most recent event following a wreck between Brian Vaughn and Frank Neill as well as Speakman’s motor troubles in preliminaries.

Sandusky Speedway’s three stock car divisions and the aforementioned Northcoast Vintage Oval Racers will round out the action for this night of racing.  One of the best parts of this event will be the price to the fan, as general admission tickets, pop, beer and hot dogs will all be just $1 apiece.

Friday the 24th will see the International Supermodified Association,  and the Sandusky’s weekly modified division run full racing programs in preparation for the longer and more prestigious Saturday events.  The ISMA part of Friday’s events will feature the winged supermodifieds, competing for forty laps around the half-mile speedway.  Former winners of this Friday Night Fast 40 include Charlie Schultz, Dave Shullick, Jr.,  Mike Lichty and Ben Seitz.  All of those drivers are expected in the field along with at least twenty more.

Saturday the 25th will bring the 38th annual Hy-Miler Supermodified Nationals to a close in spectacular fashion as ISMA competes for one hundred laps.  Dave McKnight, Mark Sammut, Timmy Jedrzejek and Shullick, Jr. are all former winners of the 100 lapper and are expected in the field.

For more information on Sandusky Speedway, visit www.SanduskySpeedway.com and Like on Facebook.


Hy-Miler Supermodified Nationals Champions

  • 1978-Dave Shullick
  • 1979-Gary Allbritain
  • 1980-Dave Shullick (2)
  • 1981-Doug Heveron
  • 1982-Gus Olexen
  • 1983-Dave Shullick (3)
  • 1984-Bentley Warren
  • 1985-Bentley Warren (2)
  • 1986-Bentley Warren (3)
  • 1987-Gene Lee Gibson
  • 1988-Gene Lee Gibson (2)
  • 1989-Joe Gosek
  • 1990-Bobby Fitzpatrick
  • 1991-Joe Gosek (2)
  • 1992-Pat Abold
  • 1993-Dave Shullick (4)
  • 1994-Jim Shirey
  • 1995-Russ Wood
  • 1996-Russ Wood (2)
  • 1997-Russ Wood (3)
  • 1998-Joey Payne
  • 1999-Dave Shullick (5)
  • 2000-Rain
  • 2001-Dave McKnight
  • 2002-Joe Gosek (3)
  • 2003-Russ Wood (4)
  • 2004-Mike Ordway Sr
  • 2005-Pat Abold (2)
  • 2006-Chris Perley
  • 2007-Chris Perley (2)
  • 2008-Chris Perley (3)
  • 2009-Chris Perley (4)
  • 2010-Mark Sammut
  • 2011-Timmy Jedrzejek
  • 2012-Timmy Jedrzejek (2)
  • 2013-Dave Shullick, Jr.
  • 2014-Lou Cicconi

Hy-Miler Supermodified Nationals Friday Night Winners

  • 1981-Jim Shampine
  • 1982-Bruce Robey
  • 1983-Warren Coniam
  • 1984-Todd Gibson
  • 1985-Gene Lee Gibson
  • 1986-Tom Marks
  • 1987-Bentley Warren
  • 1988-Mike Ordway Sr
  • 1989-Gene Lee Gibson (2)
  • 1990-Gary Griffith
  • 1991-Dave Shullick
  • 1992-Dave Shullick (2)
  • 1993-Doug Saunier
  • 1994-Mike Ordway (2)
  • 1995-Russ Wood
  • 1996-Dave Shullick (3)
  • 1997-Russ Wood (2)
  • 1998-Randy Ritskes
  • 1999-RAIN
  • 2000-Doug Saunier (2)
  • 2001-Mike Ordway (3)
  • 2002-Kenny Bell
  • 2003-Mike Ordway (4)
  • 2004-Mike Ordway (5)
  • 2005-Kyle Carpenter
  • 2006-Chris Perley
  • 2007-Chris Perley (2)
  • 2008-Charlie Schultz
  • 2009-Randy Burch
  • 2010-Dave Shullick, Jr.
  • 2011-Mike Lichty
  • 2012-Mike Ordway (6)
  • 2013-Mike Lichty (2)
  • 2014-Ben Seitz
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