Rapid Results: Copper Cup Classic Rocky Mountain Raceways

We will be doing our best to keep you updated all weekend from the July 4 Copper Cup Classic at Rocky Mountain Raceways with our Rapid Results. This page will feature practice, qualifying and race results for this open competition supermodified show from RMR.

This race marks the first time since 2010 that the supermodifieds have raced at RMR and with it being the Copper Cup Classic, it will mean a lot to any driver that can win it. The winner of the last Rocky Mountain Raceways supermodified Copper Cup Classic was Lonnie Adamson.


Thanks to #WSUCrew Member “Hot Laps Liz” for all the hard work!

Note: All photos and video property of Elisabeth Osmeloski used by Wing Side Up with permission.

Unofficial Results for Copper Cup Classic at Rocky Mountain Raceways

  • July 4, 2015
  • West Valley City, UT
  • EVENT HASHTAG: #CopperCup #supermodified


  1. 2-Richie Castor
  2. 3-Harold Evans
  3. 3j-Joey Payne, Jr.
  4. 3k-Kyle Vanderpool
  5. 4-Cody Castor
  6. 5-Dave Adamson
  7. 8-Lonnie Adamson
  8. 13-Ricky Otts
  9. 15b-Harold Bird
  10. 32-Jim Birges
  11. 40-Harry Stone
  12. 50u-Trent Steck
  13. 91-Bryan Warf

Top 5 Practice Times:

  1. Bryan Warf-12.378
  2. Jim Birges-12.964
  3. Kyle Vanderpool-13.262
  4. Ricky Otts-13.155
  5. Harry Stone-13.532
copper cup classic qualifying order
Copper Cup Classic qualifying order


(Showing first and second lap with best lap underlined)

  1. Bryan Warf- 12.53, 12.417 NTR
  2. Jim Birges-13.13, 13.109
  3. Kyle Vanderpool-13.26, 13.171
  4. Rich Castor, Jr.-13.223, 13.26
  5. Harry Stone-13.28, 13.225
  6. Ricky Otts-13.25, 13.243
  7. Joey Payne, Jr.-13.52, 13.360
  8. Trent Steck-13.827, NT
  9. Dave Adamson-13.99, 13.850
  10. Harold Evans-14.006, NT
  11. Cody Castor-14.296
  12. Harold Bird-16.991, NT
  13. Lonnie Adamson-NT

Dash A

  1. Kyle Vanderpool
  2. Bryan Warf
  3. Jim Birges
  4. Rich Castor, Jr.

Dash B

  1. Ricky Otts
  2. Trent Steck
  3. Harry Stone
  4. Joey Payne, Jr.




  • RW1
  • 50-Trent Stock 3j-Joey Payne, Jr.
  • RW2
  • 13-Ricky Otts 40-Harry Stone
  • RW3
  • 2-Richie Castor 3k-Kyle Vanderpool
  • RW4
  • 32-Jim Birges 91-Bryan Warf
  • RW5
  • 5-Dave Adamson 3-Harold Evans
  • RW6
  • 4-Cody Castor 15-Harold Bird
  • RW7
  • 8-Lonnie Adamson

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  1. Jim Birges
  2. Ricky Otts
  3. Bryan Warf
  4. Harry Stone
  5. Kyle Vanderpool
  6. Rich Castor, Jr.
  7. Dave Adamson
  8. Harold Evans
  9. Trent Steck
  10. Cody Castor
  11. Lonnie Adamson
  12. Harold Bird
  • Time of Race: 14:34.919


  • Joey Payne in Penix 3j had fuel pump problems in the dash and was unable to get car repaired in time for main.
  • Lonnie Adamson in the brand-new Belfab had issues getting the car fired and did not start.
  • 12 started feature with two peeling off by lap three caution.
  • Eight cars finished.
  • Former supermodified racer Jeff Russell of Boise, ID was in attendance. Jeff was critically injured in a supermodified race at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway Bullring in October of 2010 and continues to recover from Tramatic Brain Injury. You can learn more about Jeff at his website www.OFRacing.com

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