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On the Soapbox: A Wake Up Call

We intended to get up this morning and let everyone know who the RG Design Winners of the Week were and that we’d updated the Results page. Then we saw where Dave McGuire had shared this horrible crash at Star Speedway involving Matt Seavey and Billy Osborne with us on our Twitter feed:

All we can say is Praise the Lord everyone is OK.

Drivers-One more example of why you need to wear the best and most safety gear you can, always.

Fans-A reminder that sometimes it’s better to sit a little higher and while I don’t see any fans doing it in this video, NEVER turn your back to a racecar.

Tracks-We know times are tough, but fan and driver safety must always come first. Star’s fence did it’s job. Will your’s?

We offer this up as ‪#‎supermodified‬ news and commentary on racing safety. We hope that you understand we are not glorifying the wreck.

According to a track official, “When I got there I expected the worst. The pole and fence did it’s job keeping the car out of the stands.”

“The fence is going to be fixed and probably isn’t as bad as it looks. The upper cable looks OK and we’ll probably need two poles,” he said.

When everything was cleaned up, somehow Star was able to finish the feature. I’m not 100% sure that the race should have continued, but it did. Our pal Mike Netishen-aka M-Netty picked up his second Star 350 Super win of the year.

The 350 Supers return to Star on June 13.

Dave is “Super” at Lee-

Cody Sanborn reminded us last week on our Twitter feed that Lee didn’t start the NASCAR All-American Series, (NWAAS), schedule until this week. He also told us that it was a good thing because his dad, “Super” Dave Sanborn wasn’t ready.

Well, that week of waiting sure helped. “Super” Dave brought home the win after having not raced for a while. He crossed the line ahead of Mike Spurling and Lance Barthelemy.

Sanborn may want to do a little more work before next week though because according to Cody-

Supermodified racing at Lee continues on June 6.

 Age is just a Number-

In this day and age, (and its been that way since Jeff Gordon set the world afire at a young age), of 12-year-old racing sensations, youth was served at the Englewood Racing Association season opener at Colorado National Speedway.

I absolutely love being able to say Harry Stone won and Harold Evans was second. Third place went to Richie Castor, who’s no spring chicken himself.

The ERA returns is off for almost a month until June 27.

Rain, Rain, Go Away-

The Midwest Supermodified Association season opener got rained out again at Sandusky Speedway. The forecast was horrible and Sandusky canceled early in the morning.

They’ll try to get their first race of the season in on June 12 at Toledo Speedway for the “Fastest Short Track Show in the World.”

Likewise the Big O Spring Championship fell to rain. Gotta give the management at Oswego Speedway credit though. They busted tail trying to dry the track and got hot laps before the rain came again and put an end to the evening.

Doesn’t look like the Spring Championship will be rescheduled, but Oswego is on for next week with a regular 50 lap show.

Madera has the vintage supermodifieds scheduled for the sixth. I figure they will have a good amount of those guys there and will probably be your best shot of seeing a good car count for supermodifieds at this track.

I sure hope the 360 guys will get it together and support all the work that Jeremiah is doing for them with the CSS.

Check the schedules and get to the track and always remember to “Keep It Wing Side Up and Wheels to the Ground.”


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