Annamarie Strawhand at Richmond International Raceway 2013

Marketing at Full Speed-7 Ways to Make a Sponsor Love You

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By Marketing at Full Speed owner Annamarie Strawhand

Supermodified Racers,

My B-Main Boot Camps are in full swing and I am getting excited about  the launch of the new yearly programs coming out soon. There will be opportunities for racers of all ages. If you are interested in talking with me I am scheduling free 10 minute calls to answer any questions you may have. If you would like to talk with me visit my website to sign up.

Today’s advice blog post is an oldie but a goodie. This is very helpful information if you follow the tips given.

7 Ways to Get Sponsors to Love You and Comeback Year after Year:

The greatest compliment anyone can receive in the business world is “I just love working with you.” That’s especially true when that compliment comes from sponsors and marketing partners, because it means that you’ll be getting them to come back year after year.

Here are the seven rules for getting companies and business people to love working with you, based upon writings of Dr. Earl Taylor, master trainer at Dale Carnegie:

  1. Make building the relationship more important than making the sponsorship sale.
  2. Create opportunities for the company to partner and co-promote with you, not opportunities for you to sell them straight-out sponsorship.
  3. Have meaningful conversations with them and never give a sales pitch.
  4. Be curious about the company reps you are working with as a person and let friendships evolve from that.
  5. Don’t try to be a hero who swoops in to solve all the companies’ (sponsors) problems all the time.
  6. Believe in your heart that you and your team are the best at what you do both on and off the track.
  7. Deliver exactly what you promised to deliver, no matter what.

I LOVE these rules. I have lived by them for many years and I am here to tell you if you follow them I know from experience they work!

Remember to visit my advice blogs and videos to get more helpful information. I look forward to hearing from you so get those calls scheduled.

Talk soon,
Annamarie Malfitana-Strawhand
Motorsports Marketing Mentor and Sponsorship Attraction Coach
Creator of the Sponsor Attraction System™ Where we help racers succeed and offer guidance and solutions to advance your career and attract all the sponsors and opportunities you need.

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