Lou Cicconi is all smiles after ISMA Star Speedway Classic Win

Cicconi Survives Late Race Contact to Win Star Classic

Third Star Classic Win for Lou Cicconi, Jr.

(August 6, 2014 – EPPING, N.H.) Lou Cicconi’s roller coaster season reached its highest peak on Sunday afternoon at Star Speedway.  The defending International Supermodified Association (ISMA) champion took the lead from early leader Mark Sammut on lap 70 and survived late race contact with a lapped car to claim his third career win in the ISMA E.F. Shea Concrete Star Classic 150.

Lou Cicconi is all smiles after ISMA Star Speedway Classic Win
Lou Cicconi celebrates his Star Classic win on Sunday afternoon. (Speed51.com Photo)

“To win this race three times is awesome,” said Cicconi after the race.  “Anytime you win is special.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a classic or a win at Oxford Plains.  Anytime you win against these guys we’re racing against, it’s special.”

Cicconi, who started from the ninth-position, methodically made his way to the front and began challenging Sammut near the lap 60 mark.  After both of the leaders powered under a slower car in turn two, Cicconi shot underneath Sammut on the backstretch to take the lead on lap 70.  He would seem to be well on his way to victory before tangling with the lapped car of Dave Duggan on lap 129.

Duggan spun out in turn four as the result of the contact, while Cicconi was sent over the rumble strips.  There was visible damage to Cicconi’s Clyde Booth-owned No. 61, but it wouldn’t be enough to get in the way of his third victory of the 2014 ISMA season.

“We messed up the front steering, but it didn’t really have a big effect on the way the car handled,” Cicconi said of the incident.  “I was able to hold on and here we are in victory lane.  With this win, we have two big wins this year.  We have Sandusky (Hy-Miller Nationals) and now we have Star.”

Defending race winner Jon McKennedy charged from the seventh starting spot to finish in the runner-up place.  After the race, McKennedy believed that the difference between racing in the day and racing at night changed his car’s performance.

“We were just really loose,’ said McKennedy.  “I’m a little disappointed.  The few years I’ve run this race it has always been at night-time.  All my notes were based on the race being at night and this was the first time I’ve run the race during the day.  I didn’t have a whole lot to look at for notes.”

The Chelmsford, Mass. driver saw the contact between Cicconi and Duggan happen right in front of him and didn’t know if Cicconi was going to be able to continue.

“I saw them tangle and I thought it was some pretty intense damage,” McKennedy said.  “I figured he was done to be honest with you. He had a good car.  Congratulations to Lou Cicconi and the whole team.  They work hard and they ran a great race.  Lou is a great driver and things went right for them today.”

Although he was disappointed that he wasn’t able to repeat in the Star Classic, McKennedy was able to take some positives away from Sunday’s event.  Rob Summers, who entered the event two points ahead of McKennedy in the championship standings, was involved in an incident that took him out of the race on lap 95.

McKennedy’s runner-up finish combined with Summers’ misfortune will give him the advantage heading into the last race of the 2014 season at Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park (CT).

“Overall it was a good day I guess,” said McKennedy.  “I would have liked to repeat, but we go to Thompson now with a pretty good point lead.  We have a fairly decent lead but I’ve been around racing long enough now that I know anything can happen.  We’ll do the best we can and hopefully we can come out on top.”

In his first appearance of the 2014 ISMA season, driving for car owner Howie Lane, Russ Wood, Sr., battled in the top-three for the majority of the event before finishing in the third position.  Ben Seitz and Jeff Abold completed the top-five.

In addition to winning the race on Sunday, Lou Cicconi’s 80 laps led were a race high and earn ed him the Radical Racegear lap leader award.  Cicconi will receive a $100 Radical Racegear product certificate for his performance.

Bobby Chartier, who started shotgun on the field in the 23rd place, made his way to the 14th spot and earned the ISMA Hard Charger Award in honor of Burns Family Racing #17 Supermodified.  Justin Belfiore also received a hard charger award in memory of SFC Charles T. Briggs, USMC, for charging from the 18th starting spot to finish 10th.  Both drivers will receive $100 bonus checks for their performance in the Star Classic.

As is a tradition whenever the ISMA supermodifieds are in town, a lucky fan in the grandstands on Sunday afternoon took home a free bicycle in the ISMA Free Bike Giveaway presented by Perley’s Marina in Rowley, Mass.

The “Winged Warriors” of the International Supermodified Association will return to action for the last time of the 2014 season during the World Series of Racing on October 18-19 at Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park in Thompson, Connecticut.

For more information on ISMA, visit www.ismasupers.com or follow @ISMASupers on Twitter.

ISMA Star Classic 150 Results

Star Speedway – Epping, New Hampshire

September 7, 2014

 1. 61-Lou Cicconi, Jr., 2. 79-Jon McKennedy, 3. 97-Russ Wood, 4. 17-Ben Seitz, 5. 05-Jeff Abold, 6. 55-Mike Netishen, 7. 21-Eddie Witkum, Jr., 8. 37-Jeff Locke, 9. 78-Mark Sammut, 10. 98-Justin Belfiore, 11. 11-Chris Perley, 12. 14-Jon Gambuti, 13. 28-Eric Lewis, 14. 29-Bobby Chartier, 15. 24-Dave Sanborn, 16. 51-Dave Duggan, 17. 00-Joe Gosek, 18. 27-Jamie Timmons, 19. 39-Alison Cumens, 20. 74-Rob Summers, 21. 40-Bobby Magner, 22. 25-Dan Bowes, 23. 65-Tim Ice

Lap Leaders: Sammut (1-69), Cicconi (70-150)

Cautions: 7 – Lap 14, Lap 19, Lap 35, Lap 37, Lap 95, Lap 114 (refuel), Lap 129

Star Classic Time Trial Results:

  1. 61-Lou Cicconi, Jr.: 11.298
  2. 79-Jon McKennedy: 11.414
  3. 17-Ben Seitz: 11.457
  4. 37-Jeff Locke: 11.497
  5. 05-Jeff Abold: 11.583
  6. 11-Chris Perley: 11.601
  7. 74-Rob Summers: 11.604
  8. 97-Russ Wood: 11.637
  9. 25-Dan Bowes: 11.639
  10. 14-Jon Gambuti: 11.649
  11. 78-Mark Sammut: 11.651
  12. 21-Ed Witkum, Jr.: 11.668
  13. 55-Mike Netishen: 11.716
  14. 00-Joe Gosek: 11.735
  15. 28-Eric Lewis: 11.777
  16. 51-Dave Duggan: 11.789
  17. 39-Alison Cumens: 11.814
  18. 98-Justin Belfiore: 11.858
  19. 65-Tim Ice: 11.858
  20. 40-Bobby Magner: 11.921
  21. 27-Jamie Timmons: 11.970
  22. 24-Dave Sanborn: 12.218
  23. 29-Bobby Chartier: 12.550

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