AnnaMarie Strawhand will help you attract more sponsors

Marketing at Full Speed-Attract More Sponsors Using Your Unique Qualities

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By Marketing at Full Speed owner Annamarie Strawhand

Hello Supermodified Racers,

All racers are special and unique, but as a supermodified racer you take it to the next level!

I want you to be able to use the special qualities you have as a supermodified racer and learn to succeed when looking for sponsorship to race what I think is the most different race car in motor sports.

Many times however when I meet a new client or student for the first time, they are not sure what it is about them that makes them stand apart from the crowd or how to even use this in their marketing. That is one major skill I pride myself in – is the fact that I have a keen sense of honing in quickly on what these are about you and how to create marketing strategies around these special qualities you have to attract sponsors and opportunities to you quickly!

In this video blog I explain to racers why it is important to understand and be open to what makes you unique and utilizing your special qualities in your marketing in a very big way to become very sponsor attractive.

 The old idea of a race driver being a “cookie cutter” image is over. Marketing has taken a new turn and fans and companies are now looking for “real personalities” that fit their brand and this is what fans can identify with.

 Understand this >> It’s what makes you stand apart from other drivers that brings in the attention, fans and the funding – and how authentically and transparently you market yourself to the masses.

 Watch my video (CLICK HERE) for tips on how you can find what these special and unique qualities are that you may have and how to start using them to your advantage to propel you to success in your racing career:

AnnaMarie Strawhand will help you attract more sponsors


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