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Wing Side Up Archive: Car Counts and Message Boards

This column may surprise a lot of you, but the same stuff we are talking about now, is what we were talking about in Y2K. Collectively, the talk was about car counts. Many folks had solutions, but many more just had bitches and smart ass comments to make. I kind of took it for what it was and I do that now. That’s not to say I don’t have some very firm beliefs about why each side of the Mississippi is struggling this year, or was struggling then, but until some of the core issues are fixed, it’s not going to change.  As you read this particular column, you’ll also see where I am actually kind of in support of Message Boards. OK, yes, I even had one on the first Wing Side Up on the World Wide Web. It never got used because I was more likely to strike a post than leave it up since many were of the type that I didn’t feel were doing the division any good.  There’s still a whole lotta keyboard jockey geniuses out there that are only typing just to hear themselves type. In fact I think it’s worse now than ever.

So as you read this Wing Side Up Archive Column  that was written for the June 26, 2000 MARC Times Racing News, consider where we’ve been and where we are now. Sure seems to me that as much as things change, they stay the same. We have crossed through the old address, website and phone number. BG

Wing Side Up

By Bob Gangwer


6/26/00-Goshen, IN…Three in a row. Whoopee. They say the number three is charmed. Seeing this column that many weeks in a row, probably doesn’t mean anything, but Timmy Gareau winning a Oswego Speedway feature for the third time in as many weeks may very well be an indication of who will win the season championship at the upstate house of speed this year.

It took the Fulton, NY driver 31 of the Wendy’s Restaurant sponsored 45 laps to make it to the point, but when he passed Otto Sitterly for the lead he never looked back. “In the middle of the race I didn’t think I was going to get by the 70 and the 36. Everybody was real loose,” stated the new point leader. He continued, “After that caution, my tires cooled down a bit and I hooked up, ran down along the bottom and got by them.”

Gareau took the win over Sitterly, Mike Brubaker, (who was elated with his best run ever in a career that spans nearly 20 years), Dave Trytek, Ray Graham. Rounding out the top ten were, Danny Soule, (in the Tim Snyder #0), Shannon Groves, Bob Goutermout, Mike Douglas, (who is running Oswego weekly now), and Jamie Letcher. Gareau, Todd Stowell, and Jerry Curran won heats, while Soule took the consi.

SRL Notes

In SRL action in Portland, Lonnie Adamson won the 76 Lubricants “Open Wheel Spectacular”. Series standout and point leader Troy Regier, started at the back of the fully inverted field and was looking like he might win his 7th SRL feature of the year until a driveshaft broke on lap 11.

Adamson, who also won the Trophy Dash earlier in the evening, nearly lapped the entire field. Only four cars finished on the same lap as the winner. Rick Veenstra, Rookie, Jim Birges, Davey Hamilton, and Eric Silsby followed Adamson in fifth. Brian McLees, Randy Anderson, Dale Lamborn, Ray Stebbins, and Axel Walker rounded out the top ten. Only 14 cars made the tow to Portland, which hasn’t played host to the supers in five years. The SRL continues it’s innagaural season July 1 at Magic Valley Speedway in Twin Falls, Idaho.

Shullick, Jr. Streak Continues

Dave Shullick, Jr. continued his win streak by taking his fourth in a row at Lorain County Saturday. He won over a 12-car field that saw Pat Shullick, Doug Saunier, Jon Henes, and Jack Smith fill out the top five.

Russ Wood won again at Star. Perley, Horn, B. Wood, and Record were names in the top five. We’d give you the rest of the top ten but only nine big blocks showed up to race.


Pat York called again this week with exciting news about the Randy Peters owned Keenan-Addies vintage super that Pat is helping Randy to restore. Thanks to the wonders of the world-wide web, and the help of Dan Nielson’s Retro Rockets Vintage Supermodified website, Randy has received several emails on the old Johnny Logan driven steed. Amazingly enough, the emails are coming from non-other than one of the Addies family. Living in Las Vegas now, an Addies son, (Pat for the life of him couldn’t remember which one), happened to see the news about the restoration on Dan’s site that also has Randy’s email address. He promptly sent a letter through cyberspace and told Randy who he was. Although only a boy at the time, and unable to directly help in the history of the car, he said that he would be willing to get ahold of the remaining family members who still live in Michigan. The car has parts on it that came from an old Kurtis Kraft Indy roadster that Pat believes was driven by Pat Flaherty. It seems much of the history on the car is pretty obscure and any help that anyone can offer will be of great use to Randy and Pat.

Check out Nielson’s site for more info or contact us here and we’ll pass the news along.

While on the subject of cyberspace, if you do visit and you haven’t linked from Dan’s site to any others, we urge you to do just that. Most notably, and the sites that you have heard us write glowingly about in the past, is Pinner’s Bar and Grill Supermodified Page, and In Racing with Super Dave. Both sites are great for keeping up to speed with what’s going on in supermod racing. We highly recommend that you check out the lively and sometimes controversial message boards. Super Dave’s, especially, has been pretty raucous of late. It’s where we go when we need to get a laugh and/or have some constructive things to say about the Ohio/Midwest scene. Pinner’s and Dave’s both have chat rooms and we are now able to stay in touch weekly with all of our buds that race and watch the world’s “Ultimate Short Track Race Car.”

We have to tell though; you won’t get a lot of respect from this corner if you post a message that seems as if you are trying to personally attack a driver, owner, team, or fan. Don’t even go there. We don’t need crap like that and it is better left somewhere else. Along the same lines, if you ain’t got the balls to put your name to a post, then keep your sissy hands busy with more personal things instead of typing. These sites are helping to bring the East and West together and the division will surely prosper with open, honest, BUT constructive criticism.

One last note on the wonders of the Internet. Our thanks go out to Carol Haynes and Jim Feeney especially, but the many others as well who now send us regular press releases and updates via email. They are timely, precise and much welcomed. Don’t know if it shows that it helps this column, but we do expect reading them each week.

ISMA has implemented a plan to give teams that are unable to make the second day of a two-day show, points for the second show. The new rule was decided upon at the Shampine Memorial and was made retro active to the start of the season for the North Carolina races. In short, the rule reads that a car owner will receive 40 show up points for the second race even if the car is unable to make the show, as long as it is due to mechanical problems. According to ISMA president Chuck Handley, “Basically what the board wanted to do was support and encourage car count and the organization.” This new rule looks like it will protect the franchise cars and those that make the long hauls to, not only our area, but also many of the other ISMA venues. We caught some flack from people when we claimed the car count at Berlin was lacking with 29 cars.

Apparently, we aren’t the only ones who are concerned with, what we believe, are short fields. Handley, in his driver’s meeting at Berlin, stated that the promoters from North Carolina have talked to him about the number of supers that towed south in the spring. “If we don’t show up with 30 cars in September in North Carolina, we won’t go back,” Handley reiterated to the owners and drivers. We understand that 18 hours is one hell of a tow, but we stand by our statement, and only hope that the new rule will encourage at least another ½ dozen to haul out the next time they come to visit us.

Now you are asking when will that be? Well, the ISMA schedule says October 7th and 8th at M-40. We don’t have to elaborate on the situation at the Jones, MI track, whether perceived or real. However many questions have been raised about this date, and we were told this Sunday past by Mr. Handley that he would know this week. With that said, we still haven’t been able to confirm what will happen if the M-40 show fails to be a go. We sincerely hope that Tom Grose will be able to put the race on in October, nonetheless, we still think it would be a better weekend if the show took in two different tracks and not one.

ISMA runs Lancaster Thursday with a 50 lapper, and makes their long-awaited return to Cayuga on Saturday for a 50-lap affair. Now that you are up to speed, we must once again say “adios” for another week. We are at 2 Winchester Trails, Goshen, IN 46526 where we continue to make plans to visit the Valley and see our favorite sites in San Jose. This includes, but is not limited to the old track. If you call (219) 534-0520 and can’t get through, it’s because we are talking to a fellow supermod fan, and more importantly the person we are really going to see in San Jose, and it ain’t a racer. We welcome your emails at and appreciate the opportunity to let you know the best ways to “Keep It Wing Side Up and Wheels to the Ground”.

What are your thoughts? Leave a comment below and let us know.


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