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Shullick Jr. Victorious at Sandusky

Dave Shullick, Jr. Midwest Supermodified Association Winner at Sandusky Speedway

Contributed by Bob Stascak Elyria Chronicle-Telegram
May 11, 2014 – Sandusky, OH…Sandusky Speedway presented the Super Nationals on Saturday night May 10. This would be the 2014 season opener for the two prestigious touring divisions the Bio Based.US Midwest Supermodified Association (MSA) and the Great Lakes Helicopter Main Event Racing Series (MERS) Super Late Models. The Ohio Stocks and the Hobby Stocks were also in action.
In the evenings preliminary races there were only heat races for the MSA Supermodifieds, Ohio Stocks and Hobby Stocks. In the MSA Supermodifieds it was Dave Shullick Jr. setting the fast time of 14.340. Mike McVetta won the heat race and Shullick Jr. won the thirty lap feature.
The Great Lakes Helicopter Main Event Racing Series (MERS) Super Late Models saw Steve Needles the fast qualifier at 16.343. Defending MERS champion Jeff Ganus won the seventy-five lap feature race.
The Ohio Stocks saw Jerry Karl sweep the division tonight by setting the fast time of 19.735 then go on to win the heat race and feature race.  
In the Hobby Stock division Kelly Lilie was quickest at 22.810. Mike McDonald made his first appearance of the 2014 season here tonight and would win the heat race and feature race.
The Ohio Stock feature was up first this evening. Joe Borczuch and Jerry Karl ran side by side until the halfway mark with neither driver giving up any ground. Borczuch did hold a slight advantage over J.Karl at this point in the race. J.Karl would battle back and take the checkered flag by only about two feet.
The Hobby Stock ten lap feature was next. Austin White and Mike McDonald made up the front row. McDonald took the lead followed by White. McDonald had a comfortable lead as White and Kelly Lilie battled for second. At the finish McDonald would have a half straightaway lead to easily take the checkered flag.
Following a short intermission the MSA Supermodifieds were pushed out for their thirty lap feature race. Mike McVetta and Jon Henes led the field to starter Rob Natoles green flag. The caution flag was out before the first lap was scored when Trent Stephens spun in the back straight. There would be a complete restart and when the green flag waved it was Henes on the outside with the lead. Jim Paller snuck by Mcvetta for second, Kyle Edwards, Dave Shullick Jr., and Trent Stephens made up the top five running order. The caution flag came out on lap five when Stephens spun in turn for. This restart saw Henes with the lead as Shullick Jr. took to the outside to advance to second and then take the lead. Shullick Jr. would open up a half of a straight lead over second place Paller. Shullick Jr. would increase his lead in the closing laps to take the checkered flag in the MSA season opener.


Bio Based.US Midwest Supermodified Association (MSA) Supermodifieds

Fast Qualifier – Dave Shullick Jr.  14.340
Heat # 1 – Mike McVetta; Jim Paller; Kyle Edwards; Jon Henes; Charlie Schultz; Shullick Jr.; Trent Stephens; A.J. Lesiecki; Kevin Jaycox Jr.
Feature (30 laps) – Shullick Jr.; Paller; Henes; Edwards; Stephens; Schultz; Lesiecki; Jaycox Jr.; McVetta

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