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Marketing at Full Speed-Sponsor Attraction School Video Class Series Now Available

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By Marketing at Full Speed owner Annamarie Strawhand

What if you could learn in a few hours what it takes many a lifetime to learn for success in motorsports?  What if you could find that there are just some simple strategies that you can apply to your own racing that can immediately be a huge game changer for the better for you, your career and your team?

Now you can do exactly all that and more with my newly released Sponsor Attraction School™ Video Class Series!

In this easy to follow Video Class Series I share my step by step strategies, secrets and solutions from my Sponsor Attraction System, based on my own proven results over the years and the successes of my clients and students. I show YOU exactly how to apply it to your own level and type of racing!

I am so excited to be able to offer this to you at a special introductory price of $159 for the full class series – this offer is only good for a limited time then it goes back up to the regular price of $199!

>> Hurry! The sooner your learn this stuff the sooner you can make great things happen for 2014!  >> Click here to learn more and get immediate access!

Annamarie Malfitana-Strawhand – Founder, Marketing At Full Speed
Motorsports Marketing Mentor and Sponsorship Attraction Coach
Creator of the Sponsor Attraction System™ Where we help racers succeed and offer guidance and solutions to advance your career and attract all the sponsors and opportunities you need.

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