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Those ISMA Wings: International Supermodified Association News for October, 2013

Reprinted by Permission – Email Newsletter No. 2013-11 – Marsha Gadzera, Editor

Hi Folks,

Well, we’ll soon be off to Thompson for the last ISMA race of the year; I’m so happy Tony’s feeling well enough to be able to go and see racing and lots of fun. Thompson is a racing fan’s dream–as it’s three days of racing with many classes of race cars–NEMA midgets, Whelen Tour modifieds, about 3 classes of other modifieds, and of course, the ISMA Supermodifieds in addition to many classes with fenders. In addition, there’s a steak dinner on Saturday night at the Clubhouse (Thompson also has a golf course) with dancing and carousing.

Usually at Thompson, in addition to ISMA regulars, there are also cars from Oswego. Teams want to get their last fix of supermodified racing in 2013. DJ Shullick has indicated he’ll be in Connecticut this weekend  DJ set the track record at Sandusky last weekend.

Thompson Schedule and Prices




Paddock Gates …………………………………….               7 am

Practice rotation begins                                              9 am

(ISMA 1:25-2:05)

Qualifying                                                                    2:30 pm

(ISMA sixth)

Other divisions features to follow



Paddock Gates …………………………………..                   8:00 am

General Admission                                                       9:00 am

Engines fire ……………..                                               12 Noon

Pre race ceremonies                                                    1 pm

Features begin …………………………………………             1:15

ISMA listed as third feature (ISMA follows NEMA in order)



PADDOCK (PIT) $75.00

GRANDSTAND (good 3 days)  $55.00 adults / Junior 6-14) $10.00 5 and under Free


It was a real family day at Star. For a lot of teams, there’s a lot of our families in New England.

Congratulations to Jon McKennedy on his Star Classic 150 win.

By the way, thanks to Carol D. Haynes, ISMA’s public relations specialist, for correcting my spelling of Earl Gaerte’s name. Don’t worry about how I spelled it, this way is correct.

Well, after this weekend, we’ll know who is the ISMA champion for 2013.  It looks like the Miller/Cicconi team will be the champions, but 2nd and 3rd could change. Here’s the owner’s points for the top three.

Miller (71)                   2294

Bien (17)                     2193

Lichty(84)                    2166

Here’s how the driver’s points are for the top three.

Cicconi (71)                 1644

Bien (17)                     1543

Lichty (84)                   1516

“Liquid” Lou Cicconi would be earning his first championship. (I hope I’m not jinxing anything by mentioning that—I’ll get off this subject.)

Star Classic 150 Awards

The Hard Charger Award is for the driver who advances the most positions during the feature and finishes the further forward.

Burns Family Racing #17 was the sponsors for the Hard Charger Award at the Star Classic 150.

The Hard Charger Award went to Alison Cumens #39.  Way to go, Alison!!

The Last Car Running Award for 2013 is sponsored by ReSource—Alternative  Energy Solutions (John Foss, Owner).

Sanborn Racing #24 picked up this award at the Star Classic.

Here’s the information for this weekend at Thompson.

The Hard Charger Award for the car that advances the most positions during the feature.

Thompson Speedway

Hard Charger Award Sponsor ($00)

Baker Steel Detailing

The Last Car Running Award goes to the last car running on the track during the feature.

Last Car Running Award Sponsor (100)

ReSource—Alternative Energy Solutions,
John Foss, Owner

Thanks to all the sponsors, and congratulations to the racers. Both of these awards will be presented to the winners at the next race during the Drivers Meeting.

ISMA Banquet

It’s only about three weeks until the ISMA banquet at Turning Stone Casino in New York. ISMA has its own hospitality room on Friday and Saturday where everyone can relax—drivers, owners, officials, fans. There is also a general meeting of the organization, and the awards banquet is always an opportunity to see everyone dressed up. Of course, the banquet’s also an opportunity to honor our champion and special award winners. And ISMA fans, you are welcome at the banquet. So add the November 8-9th weekend to your calendar.

Tickets for the banquet ($50) will be available at the ISMA trailer this weekend.

Well, it’s time to close now. It feels really good to be able to say—I need to shop for the motor home and then go pack it. Everyone who’s going to Thompson, have a great time this weekend, and let’s have some great racing. Good luck to all the ISMA teams!!

Dr. Mom Says, “School is Cool!”



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