Jim Paller waves checkered flag after Must See Racing win

Paller Perfect in Pennsylvania Must See Racing Lake Erie Speedway Supermodified Show

Northeast, PA-July 20, 2013…The Must See Racing Engine Pro Supermodified Series invaded the Keystone State for the first time in series history Saturday, July 20th, 2013 and Berlin Heights, OH racer Jim Paller came home a winner.

An extremely large crowd gathered at Lake Erie Speedway to witness the raw power of  the 900 H.P.  offset supermodifieds for the first time in the tracks history with fans of all ages looking for some of side-by-side racing action the Must See Racing series is known for.  They weren’t to be denied as the track proved very conducive to passing and thrilling moves throughout the day.

Paller and second place finisher Mike McVetta put on an amazing display of side by side racing for the lead with Paller coming out on top on lap 26 and going on for his second series win.
In a post race interview, Paller raved about the immaculate condition of the racetrack (as many of the competitors did). Paller stated, “I couldn’t really get a bite off the bottom groove, like I thought I might. I tried the middle and high grooves and found a bit of speed up there. I was surprised there were no ‘marbles’ on the top groove… just a clean, first-class facility.”
As the field lined up for their 40-lap main event, Speedway officials treated the fans and teams to a fireworks and pyrotechnic display that set the tone for the race to come.
Outside pole sitter, Jon Henes, jumped to the early lead, but was unable to stretch it as “The First Lady Of Speed”, Sondi Eden, spun in turn two on Lap 10 after a rod end broke on the front end.
On the restart, Danny Shirey’s machine slowed to a stop down the front stretch and he was pushed to the infield unable to continue.
Jim Paller, who had started sixth had already worked his way up to third place behind Henes and Mike McVetta. As the field got back up to speed, Dave McKnight, Jr., who has two Must See Racing supermodified wins already this season, made a daring three-wide move between turns one and two trying to get by Paller & McVetta. McKnight wasn’t able to make the pass, and settled back into the fourth spot.
McVetta, who had worked Henes for the lead, finally made the pass for the top spot on lap 14. As Henes started to fade back, Paller made serious challenges to leader McVetta. For 8 laps, the pair raced side-by-side for the lead. McVetta finally relinquished to Paller on the 26th circuit. Paller survived challenges on a lap 30 restart after Henes slowed on the backstretch. Larry Lehnert made contact with the wall trying to avoid Henes and both drivers were done for the night.
On restart, Paller sped off and never looked back. Meanwhile, the field’s lone small-block motor piloted by Brandon Fisher, quietly sneaked into the third spot. Despite puncturing a rear tire. Fisher said, “I think I ran over something on the last caution. Once we came back up to speed, I think the [built up] heat must have sealed the hole up enough to allow us to finish. Fisher noted that the thought he might have had enough to grab second place were it not for the tire issue.
Edwards, who started the day with high hopes after setting the new speed standard at the 3/8 mile oval, battled electrical gremlins for the rest of the day and ended with a disappointing 7th place finish.
During qualifying, Kyle Edwards set the new speed standard with his track record-breaking lap of 13.458. Edwards was awarded a $500 bonus, courtesy of Biobased.us for his efforts. Heat race wins were claimed by Mike McVetta and Jim Paller.
Jimmy McCune broke the drive line during practice. Despite a concerted effort, the team was unable to make repairs to race.
The next scheduled Must See Racing Supermodified Series race is scheduled for Saturday, September 14 at the Anderson Speedway, IN. Keep up to date with all the current news on www.MustSeeRacing.com
1) 11 Kyle Edwards 13.458
2) 22 Mike McVetta 13.679
3) Jim Paller 13.719
4) 70 Dave McKnight, Jr. 13.735
5) 12 Brandon Fisher 13.828
6) 72 Danny Shirey 13.957
7) 36 Jon Henes 14.313
8) 5 Sondi Eden 14.334
9) 92 Larry Lehnert 14.371
10) 48 Rich Reid 14.676
11) 4 Don Johnson 14.851
12) 88 Jimmy McCune N.T.
HEAT 1 (8 Laps)
rw1 48 Reid – 5 Eden
rw2 72 Shirey – 70 McKnight, Jr.
rw3 22 McVetta – 4 Johnson
1) 22 McVetta
2) 70 McKnight, Jr.
3) 72 Shirey
4) 48 Reid
5) 5 Eden
6) 4 Johnson
HEAT 2 (8 Laps)
rw1 92 Lehnert – 36 Henes
rw2 12 Fisher – 64 Paller
rw3 11 Edwards
1) 64 Paller
2) 12 Fisher
3) 11 Edwards
4) 36 Henes
5) 92 Lehnert
rw1 48 Reid – 36 Henes
rw2 72 Shirey – 12 Fisher
rw3 70 McKnight, Jr. – 64 Paller
rw4 22 McVetta – 11 Edwards
rw5 5 Eden – 92 Lehnert
rw6 4 Johnson – 88 McCune
1) 64 Jim Paller
2) 22 Mike McVetta
3) 12 Brandon Fisher
4) 70 Dave McKnight, Jr.
5) 48 Rich Reid
6) 4 Don Johnson
7) 11 Kyle Edwards
8) 36 Jon Henes
9) 92 Larry Lehnert
10) 5 Sondi Eden
11) 72 Danny Shirey
12) 88 Jimmy McCune (DNS)

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