Chris Perley Wing Side Up shot from Sfafford Motor Speedway 2011

Those ISMA Wings:July, 2013

Reprinted by Permission – Email Newsletter No. 2013-5 – Marsha Gadzera, Editor

Hi Folks,

Hope everyone is doing well. Tony the “Tuna” had serious surgery, an extended hospital stay, and has taken a while to “bounce back.” Things are on the upswing now though. And I’m glad that he’s able to do more on his own (I was the nurse). We’re both missing the smell of methanol, but his health comes first

ISMA Merchandise and Yearbook

When you go to a race, be sure to stop by the ISMA trailer and check out the 2013 merchandise and the current yearbook.

I have just received some of the 2013 merchandise; I’ll be taking pictures and getting them posted on  If you can’t get to a race, check out the online store.

If you’re at a race, be sure to stop by, say hello to Sue and Michaela, and check out the new merchandise.

Shea Concrete Sponsors the ‘Steele Palace’ SuperSeries

With ISMA racing four times at Oswego Speedway in 2013, Ed Shea, a longtime supermodified supporter wanted a special award for this series.  He set up a $5,000 points to be spread over the top five finishers in the 4 Oswego ISMA events combined–with a total of $2,000 in bonus cash going to the champion.

July 13th at Oswego Speedway is race 3 of 4 in the “Shea Concrete ‘Steele Palace’ ISMA SuperSeries” points chase. With two ISMA Supermodified events already held at Oswego Speedway this season, Vic Miller’s duo of Chris Perley and Lou Cicconi has proved virtually un-stoppable. Thanks to Ed Shea for sponsoring this award.

It will be interesting who wins on Saturday night. I think Tuna and I will watch Asphaltvision to see the race—not as good as being there—no methanol fumes!


This year ISMA has a new speedway on the schedule—Sunset International Speedway in Innisfil, Ontario, Canada. The race is on August 18.  If you’ve attended ISMA races for awhile, you’ve probably met the “Snowball Gang”—a group of Canadians who plow snow in the winter and follow ISMA in the summer. They’ve created an incentive for the Canadian drivers for the inaugural Sunset race. They will give a $500 bonus if a Canadian driver wins the inaugural race. That should give even more incentive for Lichty, McKnight, Sammut and any other Canadian drivers for that race. Thanks to the Snowball Gang for sponsoring this bonus.

Perley, Cocconi, Lilje, Seitz, and Lichty—what do these drivers have in common?  They are the winners of the first five ISMA races in 2013. Five races and five winners.  Do you think this will continue? So I decided to look back at last year.  In 2012, the first SIX races had different winners. They were Cicconi, Lichty, Gruel, Ordway, Sr., Timmy J., and Coniam before Timmy J won again. So we’ll have to see if there’s another different winner or a repeat winner for race 6 at the King of Wings for 2013.

Lady ISMA Driver in 2013

Alison Cumens earned a third place in her fourth race in an ISMA super. Where did this race driver come from? Here’s some background on Alison and her brother (thanks to Facebook for the info)

The Cumens’ team gained their experience by racing over 10 years in Quarter Midgets (QMA). While traveling up and down the East coast, as well as attending National Grands events across the country, Ian captured a National title as a junior quarter midget driver. Several points championships followed for both Cumens drivers before moving on to join the American Three Quarter Midget Racing Associat…ion (ATQMRA).

In their second season of racing TQ’s, Alison went on to be the first woman to win a points championship in the history of the club in 2009. Ian was not too far behind in winning his first TQ points championship in 2010. Both Alison and Ian finished within the top 10 in points the following year.

In 2012, Ian began racing his first season in a NEMA Lite car and went on to win the championship later that year. Both Alison and Ian have moved on from TQ’s. Ian is currently running a full season of NEMA Midgets and Alison is running her first season of an ISMA Supermodified.

ISMA’s Two Awards

The two awards begun last year to help out teams with transportation costs are continuing this year. All of the races are sponsored. I want to thank each of the sponsors for these awards. All of the money raised goes directly to the driver or team involved.

The Hard Charger Award is for the driver who advances the most positions during the feature and finishes the further forward. So only one driver can win at each race (unless there are two sponsors).

Here is a summary of the race sponsors and winners for the Hard Charger Awards.  This award is for the driver who advances the most positions during the feature and finishes the further forward. So only one driver can win at each race unless two people have sponsored that race, then two drivers can each win $100.






Oswego Speedway – webmaster offering professional websites and PR work to racers and series across the country

Dave McKnight Jr. #70


Oswego Speedway

 Shea Concrete Products

Dave McKnight Jr. #70


Chaudiere Autodrome

 Jean Claude Marleau

 Lou Cicconi, Jr. #71


Chaudiere Autodrome

 Dr. Mom Says, “School is Cool!”

 Jon McKennedy, #79


Stafford Motor Speedway ($200)

– J&M Towing & Recovery; Dracut, Mass. Jason and Melissa Parsons, owners

– Colonel Arnold Briggs

Chris Perley, #11

Ben Seitz, #17 

Hard Charger Award at Oswego ($100)
King of Wings Race
To Be Sponsored by ISMA Fan

The other award is called the Last Car Running Award. This award will be given to the owner whose car is the last car running at the end of the race. Here is the summary of the Last Car Running Award winners.




May 4

Oswego Speedway

Lichty Racing #84

June 8

Oswego Speedway

 Bowes Racing #25

June 21

Autodrome Chaudiere

Duggan Motorsports #51 

June 22

Autodrome Chaudiere

Duggan Motorsports #51  

June 29

Stafford Speedway

Duggan Motorsports #51  

Last Car Running Award at Oswego ($100)
ReSource—Alternative Energy Solutions—
John Foss, Owner

Both of these awards will be presented to the winners at the next race(Sandusky Hy-Miler) during the Drivers Meeting.

Star Classic 150 Laps

The Star Classic is September 7, 2013. Get your name or business name and message announced and posted at the track as well as on ISMA’s website. I’ve included a form at the end of the newsletter if you’d to learn more about it. I’ve also attached the form.The form is also available at

ISMA Membership

Want to be part of the ISMA family? Anyone can be a member of ISMA—you do not need to be part of a race team. If you’d like to be a member of ISMA, fill out the membership form that is available on the ISMA website under the forms tab. Membership is $50 for the season. You’ll receive a membership card as well as the ISMA newsletter.

ISMA Banquet

Keep in mind after the last race at Thompson, there is the ISMA banquet weekend at Turning Stone Casino in New York. ISMA has its own hospitality room on Friday and Saturday where everyone can relax—drivers, owners, officials, fans. There is also a general meeting of the organization,  and the awards banquet is always an opportunity to see everyone dressed up. Of course, the banquet’s also an opportunity to honor our champion and special award winners. And ISMA fans, you are welcome at the banquet. So add the November 8-9th weekend to your calendar.

Tickets for the banquet will be available at the ISMA trailer all season. There’s definitely an advantage to purchasing your tickets early.

  • May 1 – September 1                         $40
  • September 2 – October 1                   $45
  • October 2 – Banquet                          $50

I’ve heard that the Banquet Committee will have a meeting during the Hy-Miler weekend in Sandusky. November will be here before we know it. It is always a fun weekend. Details of the weekend will be available later in the season.

By the way, there are 535 names on the e-mail list now. Now that Tuna’s well on the road to repair, the newsletters will be after each racing weekend. Well, it’s time to close. If you have any questions for me, be sure to write to I’ll try to get the answers for you.

Stay safe,

Dr. Mom Says, “School is Cool!”


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