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On the Soapbox: Random Supermodified Thoughts

I occasionally, no, often, have sudden urges to blurt out my opinion on subjects related to the supermodified division.

Just as often, I choose not to make them public. Sometimes I like to try to form them all into a column or blog post, (I will probably always call this sort of writing a column thanks to my days as op/ed editor of the Goshen High School Tomahawk and owing to the fact that I wrote Wing Side Up for MARC Times Racing News), but, just as this diatribe is already getting long, it’s hard to keep it under 1,000 words.

But then I thought, what if I just did it the way the legendary Chris Economaki would from time to time? Not that I’m anywhere close to having something as important to say as what Chris would write, but I think it’s time to blurt out some random thoughts and just let the reader decide how they feel after I get it out there. So here goes.

The features at Oswego Speedway this past weekend were some of the best I’ve seen in recent years. The races were both won from the front row again as has often been the case lately, but there was some real digging, and plenty of nail-biting action throughout the pack and Pat Lavery joining the $1,000 Club deserves everyone’s applause.

I think everyone in the mostly full grandstand applauded as much when Pat Lavery passed Kody Graham for the lead as when he parked it in Victory Lane. It was a textbook perfect pass.

The grandstand was mostly full at Oswego Speedway on June 15. It was a long night, but I didn’t see a lot of fall off even though it got chilly and the crowd stayed “in” the show. I hope management learned something. It’s a shame they won’t be able to keep the momentum going since they are off this week.

There’s too much single file racing at Oswego Speedway. I think it’s more about the style of the supermodified being raced than just depth of talent in the field. There is some passing, yes, but it’s nearly always done by about 4 cars and there’s rarely any in the heat races. I don’t need speed. I need passing and racing.

I don’t have a problem with a racer dominating the race. Not every race has to have a photo finish. Sometimes a driver is just plain better and has superior equipment and that’s kinda what Motorsports is about.

I hate spec racing. I love the Lee USA 350 Small Blocks. That’s a contradiction, but not hypocritical.

Spin it however you want, the second class at Oswego Speedway are still limiteds.

A lot of times, the limiteds at Oswego Speedway put on a better show than the supermodifieds. Yes. I typed that.

I see racers walking around the pits at supermodified shows wearing just tee shirts under their drivers uniforms. It makes me mad, no, it disgusts me. Guess they haven’t heard about Mike Fedorcyzk, Mel Kenyon, Doug Wolfgang or Jeff Bloom. Short sleeve fireproof underwear should be outlawed as well.

Brandon Bellinger’s 02 has to be one of the sharpest looking supermodifieds I’ve seen this year. It’s clean, uses basic primary colors and has a touch of nostalgia to it.

I love nostalgia. I’m not stuck in it like a lot of the supermodified demographic is.

I think Shaun Gosselin had a career day at Oswego Speedway Saturday night…for now. He’s going to win.

I think its cool that Jimmy McCune won an MSA supermodified show at his home track.

I don’t think its cool for other sanctions to publicly brag about one of their “boys” winning in other sanctions.

Jimmy McCune won a supermodified race at his home track in a Belfab Chassis, or at least what started out as one.

Chris Perley is a living supermodified legend. We are lucky we get to watch him race and win.

There’s a lot of blocking and slicing going on at Oswego Speedway. Somebody is going to get hurt.

It’s good to see Keith Shampine back in a supermodified.

I think its good that ISMA is going to Quebec. I don’t think they’ll have a strong car count.

We need more two-day shows that are at the same track.

I hate to admit that I was wrong, but west coast supermodified racing is dead…for now.

Lou Cicconi, Randy Ritskes, Michael Barnes, Joey Payne, Joe Gosek, AJ Russell, Chris Sheil, Tim Jedrzejek, and Mike Ordway, Sr. are all cut from the same cloth as Bentley Warren, Todd Gibson, Marvin Carmen, Wayne McGuire, Rebel Jackson, and Sammy Sessions. If I have to explain what that means….

Not enough people respect supermodified racing that happened outside of Oswego, New York or ISMA.

Supermodified racing needs Bobby Haynes, Jr. more than he needs supermodified racing.

A lot of supermodified racing happened outside of Oswego, New York because the division wasn’t born there.

Oswego Speedway Old Timers weekend should be held on a non wing event…Mr. Supermodified anyone?

I think it’s good that MSR is going to IRP, (don’t even go there with me on the acronym). I don’t think they’ll have a strong car count and they’ll need it too look good on a track that big.

The East West Shootout at IRP in 1995 was every bit as exciting as Concord in 2007 and a west coast super almost won, even though the race itself almost didn’t happen. Few people seem to talk about it like they do Concord.

I like supermodified racing on small tracks like Star Speedway, Kalamazoo Speedway, South Bend Motor Speedway, Lee USA Speedway and even Anderson Speedway. We should run more at tracks like that than the big joints.

MSR is the best thing to happen for MSA and ISMA since the 2007 East West Shootout. They’ve gained at least two-part time teams, and probably more accurately spoken four or five. The new kid on the block has helped to bring about more discussion in mainstream and social media about the division. The potential for new fans and a rejuvenation of the division at iconic venues and the exposure to a younger demographic has already begun. Trouble is neither MSA or ISMA wants or maybe even knows how to capitalize on it.

ISMA, with all its shortsightedness, dis-organization, and egos, is still the best supermodified sanction around. They have the most talent, best cars, most fans, best racing, consistently well attended shows, and greatest sense of family.

I don’t miss being on the road every weekend announcing. I love roadtripping to a supermodified show to announce. That’s a contradiction but not hypocritical.

There’s going to be supermodified racing in the winter. Soon. In Florida. I’ll be there.

Do you have random supermodified thoughts? I’d love to read them. Leave a comment below and let the world know.

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