Sondi Eden at speed

Female Racer Seeks Winchester Gold

Sondi Eden Sets Sights on Supermodified History

April 25, 2013-Holly, MI….Sondi Eden from Crawfordsville, IN is a second generation racer that has adapted well to the wild world of supermodified racing. Competing in the Joe and Crystal Gillingham Honey Baked Hams, RT 32 Restoration ride, she finished third in 2012 Must See Racing Supermodified Series points. More notably, she raced her way to two top fives in her rookie year including a podium finish last year at the Xtreme Speed Challenge at Winchester Speedway.

If her first supermodified season is any indication, the lady that became the first female USAC champion could well be on her way to making history in the male dominated world of supermodified racing.

“Being female, I don’t look at that really. Everybody throughout my career has looked at that more than I have and I just want to be classified as a ‘winner’,  to be known more as a driver that just happens to be a female.”

Sondi Eden signing autographs for girls
Sondi Eden signs autographs for young ladies. (Photo by Sean O’Kane)

Being a female role model is more much more important to Sondi. “If i can help other young girls that are aspiring to be a race car driver and give them motivation to keep working at it, then I like that part of being a women racer,” she explained. “It’s really neat at the track to have girls come up and say to me ‘wow you’re a race car driver, I wanna do that someday’  so if it helps in that way, then I’m very proud to be a part of that.”

After competing in the midget and sprint car divisions, Eden impressed many with a smooth transition to the low slung supermodifieds, but she still had a few things to get used to.

“I think the hardest thing that I had to get used to in a super was not being able to carry the car like you can a sprinter,” said Eden. “When it’s loose, it’s hard to wheel them, you have to use more finesse.”

After thinking more about it she added, “To be a good race car driver, I believe that you have to be able to get into anything and just drive it, but the seating angle was something that I really had to get used to. You lay down in a super where you sit upright in a midget and sprint car.”

Eden is no stranger to the hallowed high banks of Winchester Speedway so she is well qualified to compare the nuances of racing different types of cars at Winchester. “Winchester is a place where if you are set up right it’s a fun track whatever you’re in, but when you’re not, it’s crazy.”  She added, “With a sprint car, for me, compared to a super, I can tell quicker and easier what the car is doing. It’s like I’m thinking of the second thing that happened instead of the very first thing with the car because the supers are not as skittish and with a super you can tell you are lower to the ground and they seem smoother. I don’t know if that’s more down force or the aero being lower, but there really is a difference.”

Being first under the checkered flag at Winchester would be a goal realized for Eden. “To me personally, Winchester would be huge to win because of the racers that have run there before, it would be everything you’ve worked so hard for and would be very satisfying and joyful for sure,” she stated. “You know, when you talk about Winchester to fans and racers, they know the high banks and they know how intimidating it is. So to win there would be a big feather in the cap for me.”

It’s not just herself she’s thinking about as she dreams of Winchester glory, “Oh man, it would just mean everything to

Joe Gillingham interviewed by Bobby G.
Car owner Joe Gillingham (R)on stage with Bobby G. accepting with Sondi their awards for third place in the MSRSS Championship

everyone that puts so much work into it like Joe and Crystal and the crew.” She concluded by saying, “You know, Must See Racing is one of the top series in the country and it would be really big, I  mean we’d be really big on the main stage and there’d be a lot more eyes on us than we already have.”

All eyes are sure to be on Sondi Eden as she tries to become the first female to win a supermodified feature event during the Must See Racing Xtreme Speed Challenge on May 19 at Winchester Speedway.

Learn more about the Must See Racing Xtreme Speed Challenge at Winchester Speedway by visiting Tickets available online at



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