Kyle Edwards Wants the One That Got Away

Must See Racing Supermodified Series Champion Hopes to Hook a Win at Winchester

April 24, 2013-Holly, MI…..After winning two of the three scheduled events on the 2012 Must See Racing Supermodified Series calendar, collecting a BioBased.US Fast Time Bonus, and sealing the season with the coveted championship crown, Kyle Edwards doesn’t have to tell any ‘big fish’ stories to prove his 2012 season was no fluke.

Even so, the Bartlett, TN racer is ready to reel in the one big fish that got away last year-a win at the famed ½ mile, high banked Indiana bowl of speed known as Winchester Speedway. Edwards looked to be headed for the 2012 win, distancing himself from the field at a torrid pace and even thwarting the challenges of former USAC National Champion Paul White.

Kyle Edwards in Anderson Speedway Victory Lane
Kyle Edwards interviewed by Bob Gangwer after winning Must See Racing supermodified event at Anderson Speedway in 2012. (Photo by RG Design)

Alas, it was not to be. The fickle Lady of Luck, as she has done so often before, once more kept a brave racer from finding his neck graced with the wreath of Winchester victory. Kyle picks up the story, “Our biggest problem was that we just didn’t have the track time and we ended up having a tire problem as well as a wing strut issues,” he proclaimed.

Edwards explained what kept him from the Winchester Xtreme Speed Challenge win, “We stayed home on Saturday to race at Sandusky and missed the practice at Winchester. Our setup was off and we decided to compensate with stagger which didn’t work.” His lesson learned, the champion was adamant about being ready to win the 2013 contest,  “This year we are definitely going to make sure we are present for testing on Saturday.”

Why does this particular event mean so much to the full-time fireman from Tennessee? “Because there’s so much history at Winchester, the best open wheel racers have run there and that would be a special win,” he exclaimed, then added, “Jeff Gordon, Tony Stewart, Ryan Newman, and so many others, to have your name next to them, yeah that would be pretty special.”

The former Karting racer recently purchased a new hot rod and he’s more than enthusiastic about it. “Yeah, we are really excited about the new car. It’s a winning race car already and while it hasn’t run much with the wing, it’s got a lot of great parts and pieces.” Edwards knows though that new doesn’t always mean better as he went on to explain, “It’s going to be hard to match what we had last year. We had some good luck in the series and didn’t tear stuff up, but I believe we are going to have some success once we get it dialed in.”

Whether it’s winning races, championships, or both, Edwards knows that it’s not just the race car driver that makes those things happen. He said, “My dad has really helped make all of this happen, I simply couldn’t do it without him and now we have a partnership with Don Wilshe and BioBased.US which helps a lot.”  Pausing thoughtfully, he then stated, “You know, we always put pressure on ourselves to perform. We go into every race knowing we have good equipment and we have to get it dialed in. You can have all the parts and pieces, but you have to get them all to work together..”

When racers, like fisherman, talk about ‘the one that got away,’ many times the stories are embellished by how big the real fish or race was. For Must See Racing supermodified champion Kyle Edwards, there’s no need to brag, he’s going to put his line in the water and go for the big Winchester Xtreme Speed Challenge fish on May 19, and he hopes that this time it won’t get away.

Learn more about the Must See Racing Xtreme Speed Challenge at Winchester Speedway by visiting Tickets available online at


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