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Winter’s Ambition…and mine too.

From one of my new favorite websites-Patrons of the Pit. Click it to read it.

Winter’s Ambition…and mine too..

The whole quick blog got me to thinking about a few things…ok maybe just a couple, since the brain is not fully engaged with the typing fingers yet.

First of all, it reminds me that it’s never too cold, too crappy, too hard, to enjoy the thrill of the grill and use it to enjoy some good times with friends and family.

Secondly, It makes me think of all of my wonderful friends on the east coast and in NY. I am particularly amazed at their resilience and lack of complaining in the face of mother nature. To be certain they are a different breed and one tough bunch. They press on against the odds and seem to always take it in stride.

Having been in Indiana now since November, I haven’t seen too much snow, and that we have been graced with, is nothing to what I’m used to in Upstate New York. Frankly, it’s rather comical when the local news channels flip the drama switch and start using shock jock reporting to make a story about a potential for 2-4 inches.

It’s been a short winter so far and my winter’s ambition has simply been to work harder to find my place within the supermodified community. Most of that ambition, and subsequently all of the work, has been directed at learning new methods and practices for social media and marketing.  It’s not always been easy, but ambition to move forward and help a particular sanctioning body is a very strong force.

So….where am I going with all of all of this? I’m using a little inspiration from a well written post on a blog that I started following to get off my ass and start writing again. Those of you that have followed my blog and prior to that my column in MARC Times Racing News, know that I go through the whole deal in spurts and stops. Hard sometimes to find the time to write. I like to run on and have a lot to say….maybe that’s why I make a decent announcer.

Enough of me, let’s hear your thoughts on cooking and smoking in the winter? Have you ever done it with your racing buddies? Is it just as fun as bench racing in 70 degree weather? Post a comment below!


One thought on “Winter’s Ambition…and mine too.”

  1. Wow… Thanks for the kind things you said. I’m inspired again from reading your response to my blog. Very kind words. We are getting hammered here in MN. I’ll baste a rib rack in your honor!! Grill on – POTP


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