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Marketing at Full Speed-Attract More Sponsors Using Your Unique Qualities

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By Marketing at Full Speed owner Annamarie Strawhand

Hello Supermodified Racers,

All racers are special and unique, but as a supermodified racer you take it to the next level!

I want you to be able to use the special qualities you have as a supermodified racer and learn to succeed when looking for sponsorship to race what I think is the most different race car in motor sports.

Many times however when I meet a new client or student for the first time, they are not sure what it is about them that makes them stand apart from the crowd or how to even use this in their marketing. That is one major skill I pride myself in – is the fact that I have a keen sense of honing in quickly on what these are about you and how to create marketing strategies around these special qualities you have to attract sponsors and opportunities to you quickly!

In this video blog I explain to racers why it is important to understand and be open to what makes you unique and utilizing your special qualities in your marketing in a very big way to become very sponsor attractive.

 The old idea of a race driver being a “cookie cutter” image is over. Marketing has taken a new turn and fans and companies are now looking for “real personalities” that fit their brand and this is what fans can identify with.

 Understand this >> It’s what makes you stand apart from other drivers that brings in the attention, fans and the funding – and how authentically and transparently you market yourself to the masses.

 Watch my video (CLICK HERE) for tips on how you can find what these special and unique qualities are that you may have and how to start using them to your advantage to propel you to success in your racing career:

AnnaMarie Strawhand will help you attract more sponsors

Dave_Shullick_Nate_Boutwell_ISMA_Lancaster_Speedway_93LAN_C_21 3795x2573

Wing Side Up Archive: 1993 New York Roadtrip to Lancaster and Oswego

My Thoughts-

How did we ever do things before cell phones, email and digital photography? This particular column that reviews the 1993 ISMA Lancaster Speedway show and the 1993 Grand Prix 100 at Oswego Speedway was typed on a typewriter Sunday night then faxed to MARC Times Racing News from Oswego, NY for Monday noon deadline. Then the six rolls of film were developed, a couple decent shots enlarged, put into an envelope and overnight mailed to Portage, MI for Tuesday noon deadline at “The Times.” It was a lot of work to be sure, but it was also a great time to be writing about, and taking photos of, supermodified racing.

The race was a good one. In fact until the last time the supers ran there with MSA, all the shows that I saw at what was Lancaster Speedway, the Dunn Tire Raceway Park and is now called Elegant Builders Raceway Park, (now THAT’S a mouthful-and a lot of characters for social media marketing handles), were exciting, interesting, and good. Of course the stories I lived to tell about driving the Sandusky Speedway pace car were worth the trip alone. Don’t the let the tone of those couple paragraphs kid ya, I was scared shitless. As always the comradre at Jimmys house was probably the highlight of the trip. I don’t know that I would have ever gotten anywhere in this gig had it not been for Jim Ferlito. You’ll note that at one time I did in fact get along with John Torrese. Quite well in fact. As far as the Grand Prix 100? Well Oswego was the Oswego of the 90s. Plenty of cars, plenty of talent, and still riding the highs of the O’Brien/Caruso powerhouse.

I’ve included the scans of the notes for this column. If you can read them, they’ll hopefully give you a better picture of trying to write a weekly column. This Wing Side Up Archive Column  was written for the July 5,1993 MARC Times Racing News. We have crossed through the old address, website and phone number. BG

Wing Side Up

By Bob Gangwer


July 5, 1993 – Goshen, IN…The Fourth of July is a time of celebration in the country. Not only does it mark the anniversary of the humble beginnings of our beloved country, but it also reminds us of our uniqueness and diversity.

The Fourth also brings with it a celebration of sight and sound that almost always includes a fireworks show. Our Fourth was no different, as all five sensory organs were numb by week’s end from the high-powered pyrotechnics of the “Ultimate Short Track Race Car.”

We cut 30 minutes off of our record time in getting to Jim Ferlito’s Upstate New York “boarding” house, arriving early Thursday morning. We caught a little shut-eye and hit the road again to travel back west to Lancaster Speedway.

A good field of 28 ISMA supermodifieds turned up on July 1 at this quick half mile speed-plant near Buffalo. This count included the New England cars of Justin Belfiore, Nate Boutwell, Howie Lane, Keith Martel, Joey Moriarty, and most notably, both Dunigan cars. The only other outsiders making the tow were Sandusky regulars Dave Shullick and Jim Shirey.

All preliminary events went off without a hitch with Gary Allibritain, Mike Muldoon and Pat Abold winning their heats. The feature was brought out and the stage was set for 50 laps of heart stopping action.

Everyone was on their best behavior and the field ran ten laps before the first yellow flew for a stalled Howie Lane. That yellow was one of only three during the entire race.

Jim Shirey had a fine run going until Dave McKnight got a little over-anxious while trying to overtake Shirey for seventh in turn three. The cars made contact and Shirey went spinning. Somehow he kept the car running and stayed off the wall, but the yellow came out anyway and he went to the rear.

The Dunigan cars put on a whale of a show throughout the 50 laps. It was good to see Bentley and Mike back in ISMA action.

Pat Abold sliced his way to the front to take over the lead on a lap 24 restart and held on to win in his new Coke machine over Warren and Ordway.

Mike_Ordway_Pat_Abold_Bentley_Warren_ISMA_Lancaster_Speedway_93LAN_D_16 3783x2571
L-R Mike Ordway(P3), Pat Abold(P1), and Bentley Warren(P2) in ISMA Victory Lane at Lancaster Speedway.

The drivers did a fantastic job keeping their noses clean and put on one helluva show for the packed grandstand. This track may be as rough and bumpy as Winchester, but the supers fly here.

Radio Receivers, Crazy Pace Car Drivers-

ISMA had three radio receivers installed in the cars and continued to conduct field tests on this idea whose time has come. Four more receivers are scheduled to be in place this weekend at Mosport, with the goal of having 24 available in the near future for use in all feature starting cars. Cost is said to be around $400 each with the financial burden falling upon the car owners. Continue reading

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SPEED SPORT, MAVTV Expand Oswego Speedway Coverage

SPEED SPORT, MAVTV Coverage to include $10,000 to win Mr. Novelis Supermodified Event   


OSWEGO, NY (July 10, 2014) – With the success of Oswego Speedway’s Jim Shampine Memorial broadcast on SPEED SPORT and MAVTV earlier this month, all partners have agreed to expand coverage of the ‘Steel Palace’ to include the August 2 running of the 28th annual $10,000 to win Mr. Novelis Supermodified event presented by Davis Bros. Inc.

Since 1987, Oswego Speedway has promoted the annual Mr. Supermodified title race, billed as an all or nothing event with $10,000 going to the race winner and a normal Saturday night payout being given to second place on back. Continue reading

All Supermodifieds, All of the Time


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